Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Spoon at the 400 Bar June 22nd, 2004

Why great bands play at shitty clubs is beyond me.

Spoon is fantastical band that really upholds the ideals of what it means to play rock and or roll music. I'm all for bands trying real hard to stick to small venues when they could upgrade and play bigger rooms, but my fucking basement would have been more enjoyable.

Only under great duress, as in can I really pass up the chance to see "Favorite band", will I go see a band at the $4.00 Bar. Here are a couple of reasons:

Every drink is $4.00. That's right order up a vodka tonic, $4.00 (not to mention as much alcohol content as an O'Doul's). Order up a Budweiser $4.00. Order the cheapest shittest beer they have and you're gonna play $4.00. Although this might not be a problem cause it's not like your gonna want to tip the rude ass bartenders.

Rude is only half the problem with the bartenders. When you need one they're never around. A sold out show of hundreds will be served by two bartenders. More tips for me! Yay!

Never have I seen, or not seen, a stage with worse sightlines. Once again I offer up the services of my basement. There is probably about a 20' by 20' square directly in front of the stage where your view is unobstructed. To the left of the stage separating the bar from the pit is a wall with columns. Great idea columns! It was such a great idea they decided to put some more in the back to fuck up the sightlines from the back. I know I know structural support and all that shit. Great. But something could be done. This is the year 2004 and shit. Get some space age polymers in there and fix it. I'm sure if you gave Ron Popeil $39.95 plus S&H he'd figure it out.

I'm kinda just wondering why people pay money for a show. Get all hot and sweaty standing elbow to elbow with their neighbor only to talk about the stupidest shit during all the quiet songs. It's so unbelievelably rude to the band and the audience. And if you're gonna chat fucking leave! The show obviously sucks so just go to the nearest coffee shop and talk about your coworker's lack of productivity or what you ate for dinner last night or what the fuck else you have to blab about.

It was a great fucking show when I got lost in the music and forgot where I was. Spoon played about 3 or 4 new songs. And a bunch of songs I knew the words too. (Which is saying a lot) Their energy and their lack of bravado was perfect.

So my suggestion to you is tell your favorite bands not to play at the $4.00 bar and get drunk at Palmer's beforehand like I did/do/will do. Plus their bartenders are much much cuter.

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