Thursday, November 18, 2004

First Ave to Re-open!

I'm sure you've heard by now but First Ave will once again open its gates on Friday Nov. 19th. The Ave will play host to long time patron Gwar. Everybody's favorite 4-foot schlong toting, cum spewing, blood gushing rockers.

I will definitely be there for that action. Not so much b/c it's a Gwar show but b/c of what this will mean for the Rock scene.

Rumors are that Mayor Rybak will be there. I can't believe that spineless wonder is showing up at a gore fest metal show. I guess it doesn't hurt to have the city on yer side.

Be there or be square,
MPLS Indie

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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

First Avenue has closed

My soul hurts.

As many of you may have heard by now First Avenue has closed. I cannot begin to tell you what a loss this is. I feel like I've just been told that my best friend has been killed in a freak clown car accident.

I feel empty and I can't believe it.

Please don't be dead.

MPLS Indie

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Friday, October 15, 2004

FIFA 2005 Ruined My Life

Well it hasn't yet...

Electronic Arts is one of those companies, like Google, that my corporate America hating ass loves beyond reason.

If you are a soccer / football fan you have to check out the newest FIFA 2005 on the PS2. Man it is so sweet. The passing is really easy and intuitive. They have over 550 teams and over 11,000 players on their roster. Fucking stellar.

MPLS Indie


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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Bruce Springsteen at Urban Outfitters Minneapolis Tuesday October 5th, 2004

Ever seen those dorky commercials where random celebrity B goes into a store and tries to buy some stuff with a credit card and they deny him/her? Well that happened to the Boss this past week.

While playing on the Rock your Mom's Vote or Vote for Change tour or whatever preaching to the Choir thing they got going on, The Boss decided to do some shopping in Minneapolis.

Word on the street is that local pseudo-thrift store Ragstock turned down Mr. Springsteen's Discover card. Undaunted Bruce and his wife walked down the street to Urban Outfitters, also a very lame store and proceeded to spend $600 on some lame ass shit.

Good one Bruce!

MPLS Indie

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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The Faint with The Fever at First Avenue Tuesday October 5th, 2004

The Faint are one band you really need to see live. Just plain outta sight. For me their CD's are good background/headphone music but not too much more than that. Live, however, they kick ass.

On arrival I had a funny feeling I had seen The Fever before. After they started I realized that I indeed had. I think I saw them open up for The Ravonettes. Not sure. And after seeing them play I remembered that I had a 7 " of theirs. The Fever is another band that kicks some serious ass live but is just OK on tape. Then again I haven't heard a whole album.

I also discovered that being at an all ages show with under age friends is pointless. I spent a little too much time hanging out in the 21+ area with a vodka in my hand. Sorry, Janessa!

The floor, in anticipation of Faint, was completely packed. Tons and tons of sweater vests and long striped skirts floated by in every direction. I must say this show rated high on the ratio of hot girls to guys. Next time an electro-clash band comes through town I might think about combing my hair and wearing my "good" jeans.

The Faint completely owned the crowd for the entire 50 minutes they played. That was my only complaint. They didn't play long enough. But they played lots of new stuff which was great. It's a good test for bands when they play their new stuff instead of more popular older stuff. Everyone was dancing, singing along, and generally having a fucking awesome time. Even I was dancing.

This was one of those shows that when you leave you're so fucking high on the moment that it spills out into the streets. It also made our ride home in Troy's 1973 purple VW Bug a lot scarier aka fun. Nothing better then zooming home in a car drunk listening to loud music.

MPLS Indie

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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Anti-Flag at First Avenue Monday September 27th, 2004

While doing my weekly First Ave duty I got to see Anti-Flag yet again. Not much to say since I know shit about them but they were high energy. The picture here was taken by my MP3 player so I apologize for the quality. But you get the point. Giant "W" in a bloody circle slash.

As always the punks were doing there part with lots of good election rhetoric.

Oh, how neat.

"It's up to you to get your lazy ass to the Polls. You can go to that table right there and register, but you have to get to the polls."

Also next door at the Entry the 5, 6, 7, 8's were playing. They recently gained popularity on the Kill Bill soundtrack. They are an all girl Surf Rock band from Tokyo. The entry was so fucking packed and sold out I didn't even try to wait that one out.

Apparently there were some angry jilted people outside saying things such as, "I've been into this band for 3 years, and all these bastards are just in there because they were on the Kill Bill soundtrack." Ha! Buy your tickets in advance, shithead.

MPLS Indie

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Dead and Dying

Since no one reads this fucking thing I don't have to explain why I haven't posted in a while. But the real reason is cause I got a new computer. Sounds like a stupid idea doesn't it? Well if you've discovered Bitorrent then you'll know what I mean.
Last night while at my favorite watering hole I got to watch a bassist from a local punk band try to create new drinks and name them after his friends. His goal was to get drunk before 7pm.

Here are a few of the drinks he ordered:

A Colorado Bulldog with Jameson instead of something. Here's one that didn't go over well: orange juice, Yukon Jack, and a drop shot of Absolut Mandarin. And the end all was the low ball glass filled up with ice filled halfway with Patron Silver(tequila), halfway with white wine, and a splash of sweetened lime juice. Apparently that drink was good. Good enough that someone who sampled it ordered one for himself.

Needless to say he accomplished his task.

MPLS Indie

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